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Individual And Organizational

Individual And Organizational

General Conditions of Membership at Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers (IRSCE)

Membership: There are two kinds of membership at IRSCE; Individual and Organizational Membership

Organizational Membership

Each consulting engineering company with the terms listed below is eligible to become a member of IRSCE:

  • The company should be registered exclusively as technical consultancy services according to statutes approved in Iran.
  • All partners of the company should be Iranian citizens.
  • The specialty and services of partners of the company should have conventional correspondence with the profession of “consulting engineers”.
  • There should be at least three full-time and professional partners in the company.
  • There should be at least two partners,
    • A first grade expert and a third grade expert
    • Or two second grade experts
    • Or two second grade experts
    • Or a second grade expert with two third grade experts
    • Or four third grade experts
    These experts should be the partners of the company under the circumstances of article 4.

    Note 1: By introducing a non-partner expert, the company would be accepted in other groups.

    Note 2: All arrangements in this article are changeable by the suggestion of the professional groups and approval of Management Council.

  • None of the partners and directors of company should be of public services and active in works such as contract or preparation and selling materials and devices that directly or indirectly are linked to company's specialized work or the subject of their contracts. A written and sealed commitment about this issue is obligatory.

    Note: Teaching and research of partners and responsible managers in higher education institutions is permissible if it's as tuition.

  • None of the partners should have penalty records.
  • Their activities and services should be corresponded to one of IRSCE’s professional groups approved in General Assembly.
  • It is required that the questionnaire of IRSCE to be filled.
  • They should be committed to constitution, statute, instructions, provisions and ground rules of IRSCE.
  • Membership fee should be paid as approved in General Assembly.

    Note 1: In case of any change in the company, IRSCE should be informed with an official letter in ten days and all documents be sent subsequently.

    Note 2: The statute of identifying qualified specialists with different degrees is by the approval of general assembly.

Individual Membership

Each full-time partner of the company with the following qualifications is eligible to become an Individual Member of IRSCE.

  • The person should be at least a third degree expertise and have introduction letter from his/her company.
  • The membership application form should be filled.
  • Constitution, statute, instructions, provisions and ground rules of IRSCE should be observed.
  • The membership fee should be paid as is approved in General Assembly.

    Note: Whenever the Legal or Real Member of IRSCE lose the condition of membership at IRSCE by changes in the partners or the constitution of their company, IRSCE would give them a chance to get the desired conditions. Of course, this issue should be approved by Management Council.

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