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“Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers” was established in 1973, as “Iranian Society of Consultants. After approval of the By-Law of Qualification and Classification of Consulting Engineers by the Iranian Cabinet in June 1973, in article 12, stipulating the establishment of the "Society of Consultants" for the purpose of cooperation with the Planning & Budget Organization after the necessary the Society were provided, and was established and registered (reg. No. 1471) and commenced its activities.

After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, by reassessing itself, the Society of Consultants approved new Articles of Association and continued its activities which are still ongoing.

The Society’s members were initially numbered 54 registered companies, and at the time of the Islamic Revolution, there were 158 forms which has grown to approximately 850 companies at the present time.

The executive affairs of the Society are conducted by the Management Council and the Board of directors. The Management Council constitutes of representatives of active specialized groups at the Society, which at the present number 25.

The five members of the Board of director are elected out of the Members of the Council.

"The Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers" is subject to the Parties and Societies Law, and the Society's Articles of Association were amended for the purpose of adjustment to the conditions of the said Law, and such amendments, together with some other amendments, have been approved at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on September 18, 1988. The Activity Permit of the Society is issued by the Ministry of Interior for each specified period.

As per the Directive issued by the Ministry of Interior and upon Approval dated December 31, 1990, the Iranian Society of Consultants continued its activities under the name of “Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers” with the Permit No. A42-2/15 as of the aforesaid date.

As per the Articles of Association, Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers is defined as follows:
“Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers is a national, cultural, technical, professional association, independents of all political parties and groups, in which the consulting engineers companies from the private sector have been gathered therein, so that, while developing a professional system based on democratic principles, they may endeavor toward sublimity of their profession, aiming to achieve advanced technical and technological independence in compliance with the cultural, social, climatic and economic conditions of Iran.”

The most important goals of the Society are as follows:

  • To provide a professional system based on democratic principles in order to control and exercise guild rights of the Society’s members and achieve the sublimity of the profession of “Consulting Engineers”.
  • To achieve advanced technical and technological independence in compliance with the cultural, social, climatic and economic conditions of Iran.
  • To qualify as the supreme technical-professional and a competent authority concerning legal and professional issues in all fields of technical consulting services.
  • To achieve the conditions provided based on professional justice and piety in the direction of establishment of democratic conditions through participation in decision-making and responsibilities, with respect to potential technical and professional capabilities of the members and fair distribution of material and intellectual achievements among the technical consulting entities.

The Society was accepted as a member of FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) and it is the exclusive representative of this Federation in Iran.

The Quarterly “Consulting Engineer”, containing scientific, specialized and professional materials, is published by the Society. The Society has some other publications, namely, “Scientific-Cultural Issue”, “Advent of Modern Architecture in Iran”, “Policies & Guidelines of Restoration”, “Vartan’s Memoirs”, “Society’s Power Energy”, “Water Crisis Book”, “Directory of the Society’s Members” (in English and Farsi), “Implementation of Projects Using Design & Construct Method”, “Professional Code of Ethics”, “A Guide to Management of Engineering Services Companies”, “Contrastive Study of the Earth’s Resources Concerning Development & Consumption Patterns”, and etc. The Urban Research Committee – Specialized Urban Development has also published various books in relation to urban development, the most important of which are as follows: “Shadows of Power”, “Urban Future of Century 21”, “Site & Site Construction”, “A Collection of Articles (Urban Development)”, “Environmental Management”, and etc.

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